Gliptone LIQUID LEATHER GT13 Condtioner with Repellent

Gliptone LIQUID LEATHER GT13 Condtioner with Repellent


GT13 Conditioner with repellent is designed for use on leather exposed to outdoor conditions. With a non-greasy water, oil and dirt repellent, GT13 Conditioner with repellent is mainly sold for motorcycle leathers, but also for vintage cars with no roof and leather that may get rained on such as equestrian and sports equipment, walking items, jackets and handbags.

Before application, clean the leather with GT12 Intensive Cleaner. Apply GT13 Conditioner sparingly with a soft cloth, rubbing well into the leather. Allow 24-hours and do not polish off. One treatment ‘waterproofs’ the leather. For best results, apply two further coats at 24-hour intervals. Wait 24-hours before subjecting leather to wet conditions.

Available sizes: 250ml, 1 litre & 5 litres.

Please Note: Do not use on suede, patent leather or articles with a dry rubbed finish.


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