Gliptone LIQUID LEATHER GT13.5 Protection Cream

Gliptone LIQUID LEATHER GT13.5 Protection Cream


Leather dries out with heat and sunlight and should be restored at least three times a year to re-establish the original nutrient content. GT13.5 Protection Cream softens semi-aniline leather and restores its durability and patina whilst adding a protective waterproof coating against stains and creasing. Like our GT11 Leather Conditioner, GT13.5 Protection Cream has our famous leather scent and reinstates the traditional smell of the finest quality leather. GT13.5 Protection Cream is also suitable for the care and protection of fashion clothing.

Firstly clean leather with GT15.5 Foam Cleaner. Then apply GT13.5 Protection Cream sparingly with a soft white cloth and rub well but evenly into the leather. For very dry leather, apply two further coats within 48 hours.

Available sizes: 250ml, 1 litre & 5 litres.


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